Frequently Asked Questions

How do I program my ISO Screen?

Programming ISO Screen

Watch the video tutorial(1:52)

How do I unfold & fold the booms?

Boom Unfolding & Folding

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How do I hook my sprayer up to my tractor?

Hook Up

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How do I set the tractor's hydraulics?

Setting Tractor Hydraulics

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How do I set up my sprayer?

  1. Fill sprayer 1/2 full of water.
  2. Close agitation and filter purge completely.
  3. With hydraulic flow at lowest setting, turn the pump on.
  4. Set dead head pressure 40 psi above desired spray pressure, not to exceed 120 psi.
  5. Open agitation about 5-8 psi.
  6. Finally, open filter purge about 5-8 psi.
  7. These are initial settings, additional adjustments may be required.

How do I know what tip to use?

  • This will depend upon three variables:
    • Desired speed
    • Desired rate (GPA)
    • Nozzle spacing
  • Before choosing the nozzle, the operator will need to determine the Gallons Per Minute (GPM). Follow the formula below to determine the GPM, then use your Top Air tip Catalog to find the tip that allows the GPM flow that you require based on your speed and pressure.
  • The basic formula to determine GPM is:
    GPA (gallons per acre) x Speed x Spacing / 5940
    Example: 10 GPA @ 8.5 MPH on 20" spacing: 10 x 8.5 x 20 / 5940 = .28 (Per nozzle)

How do I winterize my sprayer?

  1. First, completely rinse tank and boom lines with water to purge any residual chemical.
  2. Then, drain as much water as possible and fill the rinse tank with up to 15-20 gallons of RV antifreeze.
  3. Draw RV antifreeze from rinse tank into the solution tank as if you were flushing your sprayer.
  4. Run RV antifreeze through the rinse balls.
  5. Once all antifreeze is transferred to the solution tank, run the chemical inductor to remove all water from lines. (If applicable)
  6. Then, run antifreeze through booms, making sure antifreeze gets out to the end of the boom.
  7. When antifreeze reaches the boom ends, shut the pump and booms off.
  8. Finally, remove 1 or 2 nozzles from each section to release any excess pressure.

How many gallons per acre can I spray?

90' boom
15 27 73.63 30
12 32.5 70.9 30
10 39 70.9 30
8 48.5 70.54 30
6 65 70.9 30
4 98 71.2 30

How often should I calibrate my tips?

  • Depending on the chemical being sprayed and type of insert being used in the tips, significant wear can occur at different times. It's recommended that you calibrate your tips at least every 20 hours.

How do I keep my nozzles from drizzling on headland?

  • Determine lowest recommended pressure setting for the tips you're using (see chart). Example: the XR tips lowest recommended pressure is 15 PSI. An 04 nozzle @15 PSI is .24.
  • Take number of nozzles on boom x .24.
    Example: A 90' boom with 20" plumbing has 54 nozzles: 54 x .24 = 12.96 round up to 13.
  • Set low limit on console by depressing the Vol/Min key until display flashes 0 or reads "Set Low Limit" (approx. 5 seconds), when you get one of these displays follow these steps:
    1. Press enter
    2. Enter in 13
    3. Press enter again
    4. This will not allow the regulating valve to close under 13-gallons per min.