ATV Sprayer
ATV Sprayer

ATV Sprayer

Go when and where big sprayers can’t with the Top Air ATV sprayer!  Featuring big sprayer performance, this sprayer is a perfect compliment to a larger sprayer when field conditions are softer or require more precise spraying.  The Top Air ATV Sprayer features a 200-gallon tank with choice of 30’, 45’ or 60’ boom to meet individual needs.  The heavy-duty frame and boom design can withstand the toughest field conditions, ensuring years of durable service.  With its user-friendly features, versatility and heavy-duty design, you will quickly see how the Top Air can quickly pay for itself.


    • Self-leveling 30’, 45’ or 60’ manual front-fold boom widths available for meeting various grower preferences.
    • Boom breakaway feature allows the boom to spring backward should it hit an obstruction and quickly return to operating position.
    • Winch-controlled height adjustment on the boom from 12” to 30” locks securely into place.
    • 3-section 30’/45’ boom and 3- or 6-section 60’ boom with electronic ball valves and singletip nozzles available on 15” or 20” spacing.
    • Easy-to-see pressure gauge mounted at the front of the unit for handling a wide variety of spraying applications.
    • In-line boom strainer virtually eliminates nozzle plugging for uniform spraying.
    • Raven 440 rate controller on 30’, 45’ and 60’ 3-section booms or Raven 450 rate controller on 6-section 60’ boom.
    • Booms are finished with a baked-on, powder-coat finish for corrosion resistance.

    Tank & Undercarriage

    • 200-gallon tank capacity requires a minimum 600 cc ATV for optimum performance.
    • 2” quick fill is located on the rear of the unit for easy access and ensures fast loading.
    • The tank volume indicator is located on the front of the unit for easy viewing.
    • 9-gallon clean water tank with spout and eye wash tube is also equipped with a storage container.
    • Powered by a gas motor-driven centrifugal Ace 660 pump for easy and reliable operation.
    • Tank agitation keeps the contents properly suspended for a uniform mixture of chemical.
    • Undercarriage features tongue-mounted shock absorber for providing a smoother ride and uniform spraying over uneven terrain.
    • Self-leveling tongue and 1 7/8” ball hitch for easy hookup and jack for easy storage.
    • Tandem axles are infinitely adjustable from 60” to 90” to match row widths.
    • 24x10.5x10 high-flotation tires can be moved fore and aft to ideally distribute weight.
    • Standard transport lights for safer road travel.
    • Undercarriage is finished with a baked-on, powder-coat finish for corrosion resistance.


    • Hose reel with spray-gun kit comes with 25’ of hose and an on/off valve for ease of use.
    • Foam marker system features two 3 ½ gallon tanks for precise marking on each pass.
    • Fence row nozzle kit for precision spray placement along end rows.
    • Tee-Jet 744A or Tee-Jet Manual Selector (30’/45’ booms only) controllers for meeting individual preferences.