3-Point Booms

3-Point Sprayer Booms


    • Sizes available; 45' manual, 45' or 60' hydraulic cross-fold self leveling booms 
    • Outer wing breakaway quickly returns to spraying position should it come into contact with an obstruction.
    • Compact design and fold for narrow transport width and height, along with standard parking stands for easy storage.
    • Slow moving vehicle sign and reflective striping for safer road travel.
    • Nozzle spacing available in 15" or 20" to meet the needs of different operations.
    • Hydraulic vertical height control on the 45' and 60' hydraulic cross-fold booms allows for easier spraying of taller crops.
    • Powder-coated frame and boom for a long-lasting, high-quality finish.


    • Electric-Over-Hydraulic Kits - Available on 60' cross-fold booms
    • Three or four-section boom plumbing kits
    • Fence-Row Nozzle Kit
      • Units with cross-fold booms are manually controlled
    • Foam Marker